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My journey through art

Art is a vital necessity for me. I cannot conceive my life without the possibility of creating and being able to express, through images and colors, the personal experiences, feelings and discoveries that move me everyday.

My work has always been nourished by the richness of the environments in which I have developed personally and professionally.

An incessant search of new ways of expressing myself can be observed through time, but there are constants such as the force of color, a strong compositional sense, an interest in nature, and a longing to discover  and transmit the beauty within.

My first love was watercolor with its freshness, expressiveness and immediacy. Acrylic came to me as a means of enhancing the options of format and textural work, but maintaining the transparency and flow of water media. Painting on canvas led to the use of other media opening the door to experimentation with texture and depth of meaning.

My most recent work reflects my profound interest in nature and drawing. After a shoulder injury which restricted my movement, I had to find a way to keep working while healing took place. Then is when I discovered botanical art and botanical artists who worked  with colored pencils.

This revelation provided a fascinating opportunity to develop a new skill as well as to make a contribution in the preservation of our environment.


It is astonishing to find out that most people, always in a rush, are unaware of  their natural surroundings and miss the joy nature provides. Botanical art acts as a channel to confront people with beauty they would normally not see and be transformed by this encounter. 

What will the creative spirit bring about next is a mystery, but as I immerse myself in my work, I always enjoy the discoveries, the challenges, the frustrations, the joys and mainly the awareness of the present moment this process entails.

I am conscious my artwork is only finished when you, the observer, when confronted with the image, completes the process through your own reading.

I sincerely hope my work enhances your lives with beauty, joy and a renewed vision of your surroundings!

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