Born in Quito, Ecuador in 1968

Colegio Americano de Quito, 1986

SBA Society of Botanical Artists, UK

Distance Learning Diploma Course 19 

(In progress. To be completed March 2024)

B.F.A. Summa Cum Laude (Bachelor of Fine Arts, concentration in painting) Saint Mary´s College, Notre Dame, Indiana, U.S.A. Class of 1990

Other studies, workshops and classes:

Natural History Illustration Certificate

University of Newcastle, Australia, 2021

Botanical drawing workshops 2020-2021

Noemí Cevallos and Santiago Cordero (Picturatus Conservación-Ecuador) Botanical Art and Scientific Illustration.

Paula Laverde ( Arte y Conservación-Colombia) Bird Illustration in watercolor.

Wendy Hollender ( Draw Botanical and Woodstock School of Art, USA)

Valentina Nieto (Botanical Art and Bird Illustration in watercolor- Colombia)

Antonia Reyes (Paraíso Perdido-Bird Illustration, Chile)

Emmanuel Laverde (Arte y Conservación, Colombia) Orchid Illustration.

Geraldine McKinnon (Mi Naturalismo, Chile)

Noemí Cevallos (Picturatus Conservación-Ecuador) Bird Illustration.

Paulina Maciel ( Botanical Illustration- Mexico) 

Mixed media and pencil drawing online workshops,digital resources and books: Patty Brady, Chris Cozen, Julie Prichard, Jodi Ohl, Tracy Verdugo, Seth Apter, Darlene Olivia Mc Elroy, Sandra Duran Wilson, Janie Gildow) 



Acrylic techniques course with Pablo Cabrera Zambrano. Centro de Estética y Artes Visuales, Quito


Watercolor workshops and art classes for adults and children.


Advanced techniques in watercolor course. Continuing Education Department, USFQ, Universidad San Francisco de Quito,


Watercolor and Figure Drawing courses. Continuing Education Department. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago,


Watercolor workshop with Lea Kliner, Santiago, Chile,


Watercolor courses with Oswaldo Moreno Heredia,


Redbud Art Workshop, Saint Mary´s College, Michigan, 



Rome Program, Saint Mary´s College, Rome, Italy,



Watercolor workshop with César Tacco, Quito, 1987



Solo exhibits

Scarabeus Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic 2009

Life Fashion Café, Prague, Czech Republic 2009

Fundación Cultural Exedra, Quito, Ecuador 2007

Fundación Cultural Exedra, Quito, Ecuador 2001

Salón Cultural Hotel Oro Verde, Quito, Ecuador 1994

Museo Banco Central de Riobamba, Riobamba,Ecuador 1993

Sketch Gallery, Quito, Ecuador 1992

Hammes Gallery, Saint Mary´s College, Notre Dame, Indiana, 1990

Foro de Arte Exedra, Quito, Ecuador 1989

Group Exhibits​

TCC The Collector´s Club, Cumbayá, Quito-Ecuador, 2022


Casa San Marcos, Quito, Ecuador,


Fundación Caspicara, Quito, Ecuador  2010

Casa San Marcos ,  Quito, Ecuador,


Fundación Cultural Exedra, Quito,

Ecuador, 2006

Club Rancho San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador,  2006

Galería Internacional, Cairo, Egypt,



Galería Prisma, La Serena, Chile,


Galería Pilar Tobón,

Miami, U.S.A,


Salón Cultural Hotel Oro Verde, Quito, Ecuador, 1995

Galería Expresiones, Guayaquil, Ecuador,  1993

Colegio de Arquitectos, Quito, Ecuador,  1992

Galería Venzor, Chicago, U.S.A.



Galería César Tacco, Quito, Ecuador,      1987




Art salons

Salón Eduardo Kingman Riofrío, Loja, Ecuador, 2010

Salón Binacional Perú-Ecuador, Loja, Ecuador, 2010

Salón Nacional de Dibujo, Grabado y Acuarela, Quito, Ecuador, 2000