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Giclée Prints

Giclée prints are high-quality prints using 100% cotton archival Fine art paper and inks. Prints are made from high resolution scanned images which retain faithfulness to every detail and color of the original drawing. Series are limited to thirty five, each one numbered and signed.

Go back to Botanical Art and click the images to see which ones are available as prints.

15 x 21 cms. ( 6 x 8 in.) USD $15 plus shipping

23 x 30 cms. (9 x 12 in.) USD$25 plus shipping

29 x 42 cms.(A3) USD$30 plus shipping

35,5 x 51 cms. (14x20 in.) USD$40 plus shipping

56 x 76,5 cms. ( 22 x 30,5 inches) US$80 plus shipping

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